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Psychic Health

Stress management

Stress occurs when the demands of the environment do not correspond with the individual's coping skills. This imbalance results in a negatively experienced state of tension.Stress cannot be avoided in professional everyday life. In itself, this is not a problem since human beings can generally cope well with stress. But when the stress level is too high, the normal recovery phases are no longer sufficient and employees no longer have the adequate coping skills, they are in danger of becoming ill. Permanent stress leads to physical and emotional exhaustion in the long term. Specific coaching at an early stage that shows the affected individuals how to access their resources and supports them in dealing with stressful situations provides relief and lowers absenteeism.

Maintaining and regaining health

The goal of coaching in stress situations is finding individual solutions.

This means:
• searching for the personal trigger in stress situations
• changing personal ways of thinking and behaving
• reflecting on unconscious motives in a person's own actions
• developing a deeper understanding for the correlations
• working out individual possibilities for solutions
• improving stress resistance through cognitive, emotional and physical techniques
• increasing competence in relaxation and mindfulness
• improving self-regulation and affect regulation

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