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Change and development

Successful coaching means working out constructive solutions in one-on-one conversations. It is important that the goals of the coaching are clarified, clearly formulated and defined at the very beginning of the process. These goals will be consistently pursued in the coaching, but also discussed when new perspectives and insights arise. Within the scope of a dialog, new possibilities of approaches and courses of action are worked out through self-reflection and feedback. They are put to the test in everyday life and examined in terms of their effects. The implementation of these goals in the day-to-day actions will be supported by concrete measures.

However, this coaching approach is not only focused on change. What has been successful and worthy of preservation is also taken into consideration. This step strengthens both self-confidence and the sense of self-efficacy. It makes it easier to find and use the resources that already exist.

Topic examples

Leadership issues
• Role clarity
• Leadership style
• Change management
• Shaping supportive work related relationships

Deviations and conflicts
• Conflict prevention through addressing deviating behavior
• Simulation of conflict conversations
• Crisis intervention

Team meetings
• Discussion planning
• Preparation
• Meeting facilitation

Employee and target-setting conversations
• Defining goals for employees
• Conversational techniques
• Dealing with deviating perspectives

Public appearances
• Support in the preparation of lectures and presentations
• Overcoming insecurity
• Impact monitoring

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