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Leadership and health

Psychic Health
What distinguishes good leaders? They are people who can give the employees a fundamental sense of security, even in an age that is characterized by changes and insecurities. What differentiates these leaders from others? Leaders have understood the nature of human beings and the basic needs for secure bonding, as well as the basic human need to face and master challenges.
In Safe Base Leadership coaching and training, the main topic is the bonding behavior by supervisors towards their employees. An insecure bonding, which is expressed in an avoiding or unreliable bonding style, activates the bonding system in the employees and can lead to a constant experience of stress. On the other hand, a secure bonding style has been proven to reduce the experience of stress and lower the risk of burnout.

Inspiring and health promoting leadership
  • Clarification and psychoeducation
  • Affectregulation in stressful moments - mindfulness training
  • Relaxation - Training
  • Model in life-balance
  • Building trust - emapthy, compassion, consolation and security
  • Realizing, understanding emotionals signals and reacting adequate
  • Bonding with human beings and goals - understanding and supporting the basic needs of humand beings for security and exploration
  • Understanding the cycle of bonding - supporting bonding and separation
  • Being a safe base for employees - reflecting the own leadership and bonding habits
  • Foster and support - balancing caring and risk
  • Foster a culture of support and appraisal

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