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Psychic Health

This is a state of inner emptiness and emotional exhaustion. In addition to ongoing stress, feelings of insecurity in the work environment and loss of the self-efficacy experience can lead to physical illnesses and burnout in the long term. Affected individuals have not only surrendered their rechargeable energies but also feel like their essence has been attacked.  Consulting in cases of burnout includes the possibilities of prophylaxis, as well as the accompaniment of affected individuals. The important thing is to recognize the risk factors and causes for exhaustion in order to initiate specific measures. In addition to developing resilience (strength), the goal is to initiate long-term changes that promote psychological health.

In addition to individual coaching for affected persons, I offer workshops for executives on the topic of recognizing changes in their employees, as well as becoming sensitive to and addressing the changes that they have observed.

Maintaining and regaining health

The goal of coaching in case of burnout is finding individual solutions.
This means:
  • clarification and psychoeducation
  • searching for the personal trigger which lead to burnout
  • finding dysfunctional beliefs and working on change
  • reflecting on unconscious motives in a person's own actions
  • gaining a healthy life-balance
  • developing a deeper understanding for the importance of safe relationships for resilience
  • working out individual possibilities for solutions
  • improving stress resistance through cognitive, emotional and physical techniques
  • improving heart rate variability by bio feedback
  • increasing competence in relaxation and mindfulness
  • improving self-regulation, self-efficacy and affect regulation
  • getting back self-esteem and self-worth
  • dealing with shame and guilt
  • sense of Coherence

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